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Travel with the signature touch

Engaging, unusual, and anything but ordinary – the hallmarks of a Cox & Kings journey

It is all too easy to stick to the tourist trail on holiday. We know that Cox & Kings guests share our adventurous spirit and are always looking for something different. That is why we created Signature Experiences.

Signature Experiences are activities that promise greater immersion in the culture and landscapes of your client’s destination. They range from cooking classes and tea with the locals, to off-the-beaten-track excursions and high-octane activities. We weave a handful of these exceptional experiences into every Cox & Kings tour, made possible by long-standing, far-reaching relationships with the communities we visit.

Let us take your clients beyond the ordinary, with experiential travel that few other operators can equal. 

The signture touch

A sample of Signature Experiences

Iguazu Falls, Brazil shutterstock_1080624005.jpg

Rare stays within Iguazú National Park

Each year, over a million people visit the UNESCO-listed Iguazú Falls to see its dramatic cascades. However, few have the chance to stay overnight within the national park itself. During your client’s tour, not only can they stay close to the falls, but they can experience this natural wonder while the park is closed to other visitors.  See the full tour – Grand Tour of South America

Al Khazneh, Petra, Jordan shutterstock_533330035.jpg

Two days exploring Petra

Unlike many tour operators, we dedicate two full days to exploring Petra. This ensures your clients have time to take in more of its UNESCO-listed treasures, including the Roman ruins, Crusader church and cave tombs. Furthermore, we arrange accommodation in a 5-star hotel just minutes from the entrance of the famed ruins, allowing your clients to be first in and last out. See the full tour – Splendours of Jordan

Japanese tea ceremony, Japan shutterstock_531184726.jpg

Tea ceremony & cookery lesson in Kyoto

The Japanese have been drinking tea since it arrived on their shores via China over 1,000 years ago. On tour in Kyoto, we arrange an authentic Japanese tea ceremony for your clients, conducted in a traditional machiya townhouse. This is followed by a cookery class that reveals interesting and tantalising aspects of Japanese cooking. See the full tour – Japan’s cultural treasures

Discover our selected tours with Signature Experiences:

Sigiture touch DM

Download the Signature Touch brochure

Get your version of our 'Signature Touch' brochure, specifically designed for travel agents to send to their customers. 

Window Posters

Window posters
We’ve created some eye-catching A3 and A4 posters for you to print and display, helping you to easily promote Cox & Kings tours. Click on the image to download the PDF.

TRADE A3 Window Poster Q4 2022 GENERIC.jpg
TRADE A3 Window Poster Q4 2022 GENERIC.jpg
2022-2023 brochure posters
Social Media Ads

Social media ads

We've created these fantastic adverts for you to post on social media, with options sized to suit Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 
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